Project Art Aid

The Queen City Soup Second Chance Valentine’s Soiree will be held

Sunday, February 23rd @ 6 p.m.

Hosted by the Frock Shop and Bistro La Bon.

Project Art Aid is excited to announce our latest project, the “Queen City Soup”, micro-grant program to promote the arts in Charlotte.

We are hosting a series of community micro-grants for the arts modeled on others being held all over the country. Organizing casual community dinners to fund micro-grants for local causes is a proven low-cost idea that yields high impact results.


  • “Queen City Soup” will consist of a light meal at a local venue. Tickets will cost $10 per person (when purchased online, $15 at the door). During the event, guests will hear 5 local artists present a brief pitch about an arts project they would like to do to benefit the city of Charlotte.   At the end of the event the guests will vote for which creative project should win the money collected from the ticket sales. 100 guests provides a micro-grant of $1000, awarded on the spot to the winning artist. This artist will present their results to the guests at a subsequent “Queen City Soup” event.

Sounds like fun? We think so! Guests will get to eat, talk, and collaborate with fun and talented people whom we may not have otherwise met in an everyday setting. Plus, they get to see their money in action as one artist goes home with a micro-grant.

Queen City Soup is…
a collaborative situation
a social happening
a platform for connection
a theatrical environment
a democratic experiment in micro-funding
a relational hub bringing together various creative communities
a forum for critical but accessible discussion
an opportunity to support creative people in Charlotte!

Do you need a little funding to bring your idea to life? 

We are asking artists, musicians, educators, students, performers, activists, and any other interesting people to submit proposals for one micro-grant. If your proposal is chosen, we’ll contact you and invite you to be a guest at the dinner where we fund your grant. (We do require you to be present so we can talk more about your project, share ideas, and just generally connect with you. It’s fun!)

Currently, our grants are between $1500 and $2500 each.  What kind of projects are eligible?  Any creative project in the arts (art, music, writing, theater, dance, etc) that you’re passionate about. The only other requirement is that it in some way impacts Charlotte (this is the Queen City Soup after all!).  This means that wherever else it occurs, grows, or is shared, it must also be shared in Charlotte.  (Example: If you create a puppet show with the grant, plan one of your performances for Charlotte.)

We are especially interested in projects that are accessible to a wide community audience, such as events that are free or low-cost to attendees, events that actively reach out to less-served populations, etc.

You can apply on-line here.  The deadline for proposals for the next event is March 2nd, 2013 (subject to change – please check the website.)

Queen City Soup February 2013 Event

Thanks to all who attended February’s Queen City Soup.  A special thanks to our sponsors, The Gallery at Packard Place, Las Delicias Bakery, The Art, and Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.  With your support, we created the largest micro-grant yet at $1450.  We had another first for Queen City Soup, a vote that resulted in a tie between Cathay Dawkins and his project “Emerging The Young At Art” and Martique Lorray and her “Windsor Park Elementary Milepost.”  Because we had created such a large grant, we decided to split the grant and fund both projects.  Here are photos of the event, courtesy of Merdeith Jones Photography and Franklin Photography.  More photos are available at the Project Art Aid Facebook.



July's Queen City Soup

On July 26 we hosted our first Queen City Soup micro-grant dinner at The 7th Street Public Market. What a fun evening!

Guests enjoyed chatting with our “Artist Ambassadors” before dinner. This was a great chance for our Ambassadors to display their art and field questions from our guests.  A special thanks to our Ambassadors : Sharon Dowell, Rosa Diaz, Cher CosperOsama WazanClaudia SoriaTina Alberni, and Mark Doepker

During the meal, April Denée, Phil Thomas, Carmella Jarvi, Jose Vazquez and Sydney Duarte presented their grant proposals. The full details of the proposals are available at this link. Our dinner guests voted Jose Vazquez the winner of the $780 Queen City Soup Micro-grant for his “Five Dollars for My Story”: Homeless in the Homeland project.

We would like to thank our sponsors who made this possible: The 7th Street Market, Pure Pizza and Las Delicias Bakery for their generous support.

The next Queen City Soup will be September 21 at the Epicenter Pavilion.

Do you have a project you would like to get started on? Do you know someone creative whose idea could use a financial boost? We are currently accepting proposals for the September event online. If you are interested in attending, please register on our website,

Project Art Aid Charlotte!

Project Art Aid is a community based organization, and operates entirely through the contributions of participating artists and volunteers.

Project Art Aid’s vision is one of artists working in solidarity to address the needs of local and global communities. The organization has a strong belief in the power of creativity and in harnessing their collective works to serve humanity. Through art, we express, and through that expression, we manifest positive change in the world.

Project Art Aid works in partnership with local and global charities in fundraising, and with local arts organizations in the pursuit of artistic endeavors.

Congratulations and Thanks!

Congratulations and thanks to our participating for helping us raise over $15,000 for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Campaign!  Our June 17th exhibition and auction was a tremendous success, with over 300 people in attendance.

For additional photos check out our Facebook page.  The photos below were taken by Trip Bye, Karen Cohen and David Gardner.

The event was covered in a segment of  ”The Gabi Show