February 2013 Queen City Soup Grant Proposals

Queen City Soup – Artists & Projects February 2013

Proposal 1 – Jocelyn Ellis

Life Of a Hologram – A Conceptual Music Album


PROJECT SUMMARY: Life Of A HologramA conceptual music art album that will be recorded & released by Charlotte Music Award-winning songwriter & vocalist jocElyn ellis. The album will tell the story about a hologram who lives during Year 4013 and observes humanity facing global war, caste systems, and a lack of natural resources on earth. This album will feature collaborations from some of Charlotte’s brightest musicians & producers including Justin Aswell (from the group Mr. Invisible), Jason Scavone (lead singer/songwriter for band The Hot Gates), Benie Beatz (local hip hop pioneer & mastermind), local folk legend Jared Allan and many more! It will be a concept album and will give the Charlotte music scene a piece of conceptual music art that will show collaboration between local artists, genre exploration, and positive community opportunities for networking and idea sharing at events like the Hologram Listening House Party & CD Release event!


You can read more about the album & concept on’s article about the project >>



FUNDING USE: The overall budget for this album is $5500 (which includes mixing, mastering, & marketing). Therefore, the QC Soup grant will go specifically towards completing the mixing & mastering process for the cd ($1000).



This project will be a testament to local collaboration between artists (artists and producers from the electronic, rock, hip hop, and folk genres are coming together on this cd) to complete a sonic adventure that will break the mold and set an example for exploration and unity between the different genres of the Charlotte music community. Additionally, this project aims to create increased exposure for the super amazing music talent in Charlotte by marketing the completed cd in other national markets and extending eventually internationally to bring more interest and business investment to the music scene of Charlotte, North Carolina. Lastly, this cd will spark live events like the House Listening Party, CD Release event, and the Hologram Local DJ Remix Contest that will encourage artistic empowerment, collaboration, innovation, and enhance community-based indie art events in the Charlotte area.


TIME FRAME: Currently, the album is in the writing & recording stages and recording for the album is set to be complete by March 2013. Therefore, mixing and mastering will be done simultaneously as the recording is complete (so completed by March 2013 as well) and The Listening House Party will be planned for April 2013. The official CD Release will be set for April/May of 2013.



Hi! My name is jocElyn ellis and I am a songwriter, vocalist, and producer based in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been on the Charlotte music scene for close to 8 years and I have seen such a miraculous growth in terms of talent, collaboration, and creativity, and local venue support of the indie artist movement.


I love music with all of my BEING have been involved in music since the age of 4 years old and play the piano & guitar. Now, after many awesome successes in the last few years here including releasing my first EP (titled In the Beginning) while with a band called The Alpha Theory and winning a Charlotte Music Award, I am now ready to embark on the next magical adventure of my music career: putting together a genre-bending new album with some of my QC music friends called Life of a Hologram.


Proposal 2 – Tenya Colemon

Senior Care – Assisted Living Jazz Concert Series!/tenya.colemon


PROJECT SUMMARY: The Senior Care – Assisted Living Jazz Concert Series is meant to ease the isolation experienced by the residents residing in assisted living facilities in Charlotte (NC). Studies show that music can positively affect how elder residents living apart from their families feel about themselves and their situations, making those musical moments one in which the sense of well-being transcends suffering. The specific intention is to enrich the facility’s culture and enhance the residents’ quality of life with music.

The Senior Care – Assisted Living Jazz Concert Series will focus on:

  • Providing nine (9) Jazz Concerts at three (3) assisted living facilities in Charlotte, NC (3 concerts per facility).
  • The performance group configuration will be either a Jazz Duo or Trio.


FUNDING USE: Funding will be used as honorariums for participating musicians.


CHARLOTTE IMPACT: Charlotte is a community that has a history of service and commitment to the elderly. The Senior Care – Assisted Living Jazz Concert Series will serve seniors in Charlotte who do not otherwise have the means nor the health to attend a live musical performance.


TIME FRAME: April – May (2013)



Currently, I am performing as guest vocalist with jazz trios in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC. Over the past three (3) years, I have performed with jazz trios and quartets on the East and West Coast (Charlotte/Ashville, NC – Greenville, SC – Los Angeles/ Pasadena/Palo Alto, CA). I have also been selected and have work-shopped with the following jazz recording artists:

  • Karrin Allyson – Grammy Nominated Jazz Artist @ Western North Carolina Jazz Society
  • Patti Austin – Grammy Winning R&B and Jazz Artist @ Borders Books & Music Jazz Workshop National Series
  • Dena DeRose – Jazz Recording Artist @ Stanford University, Jazz Vocal Workshop
  • Madelina Eastman – Jazz Recording Artist @ Stanford University, Jazz Vocal Workshop
  • Shelia Jordon – National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master Recipient (2012) @ Washington, D.C. Jazz Vocal Workshop

Proposal 3 – Martique Lorray

Windsor Park Elementary Milepost

PROJECT SUMMARY: Windsor Park Elementary recently received a prestigious “School of Distinction” honor from the state of NC. This is significant given that a great majority of the students are minorities that come from impoverished families, and roughly one-third of the student body is learning to speak English. Last year the students’ progress culminated in a combined pass rate of 82% on reading, math, and science exams, which earned Windsor Park the “School of Distinction” label.


I propose to design and construct a unique, artistic milepost that reflects the strong multicultural characteristics of the Windsor Park students. I will work with Windsor Park Elementary staff and students to identify approximately 16 different countries where student families originated. Pointers will be designed that lists a significant natural or cultural feature of each country (e.g. Machu Picchu – Peru) and of course the distance to get there (3251 miles) from Windsor Park. The milepost will be topped with a weathervane bearing a symbol of travel or the unknown. (e.g., globe, winged horse, ship). The artwork will be installed on the Windsor Park Elementary grounds.



Wooden Post, 6 x 6 x 16, treated lumber: 1 x $45.00 = $45.00

Paint, rustoleum, 1 quart: $10.00 ea. X 4 = $40.00

PVC arrows, ¾ in., primed, round edges: 16 count x $15 ea. = $260.00

Cement, 50 lb bag: 2 x $5.00 = $10.00

Carriage bolts, galvanized – $4.00 ea x 32 = $128.00

Weathervane – $300

Blue Rosemary, 2.5 quart – 4 x $5.00 ea = $20.00


Total: $803.00


CHARLOTTE IMPACT: East Charlotte is a melting pot of cultures. These worldly peoples are changing the face and feel of this City and are bringing the beauty of the globe to our doorstep. As a child of immigrants, I know first hand that it is easy to lose the knowledge of where your people came from. This art piece will encourage the students to remember their homelands, to be proud of their cultural heritage, and it will serve as a geographic learning tool, which will stimulate further interest in the world. It is also a tangible, visual display of the beautiful ethnic diversity present within the Windsor Park Elementary School community.




March 2013

Research best location on school grounds and receive necessary CMS permissions.

Connect with Windsor Park Elementary and find out the countries that represent their cultural make-up.

Research weathervane.


April 2013

Place order for arrows.

Select unique elements for each country.

Purchase center pole, bolts, cement, paint.

Paint information on arrows.


May 2013

Dig hole, place and cement center pole.

Attach arrows.

Attach weathervane.


ABOUT YOU: I was born of Jamaican immigrants in the cultural soup of Miami, Florida. I have resided in Charlotte for the past four years as a fine art painter usually creating painting in oil paint on wood. I have a great curiosity for the human drama, for our relationships to one another and for our personal motivations. The philosophies we live by are stunning to me. My artwork and creations reflect this interest. It is the raw emotion of the story within that is the vital element to my artwork and the reason I create.

Proposal 4 – Eric Alan Wattinne

The Music Scene


PROJECT SUMMARY: I am a Visual Artist & Live Painter based here in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area & I would love to receive support to make my projects more engaging and enlightening for the audience! I currently paint on whatever I can afford but with a grant I would be able to use more generous supports such as canvas or linen, more visually stimulating media and provide better light sources so it would be easier to view the work during disorienting light and stage shows. I usually paint for venues and musicians in the NoDa/Plaza-Midwood area already but with these few simple additions I would be able to provide a much more entertaining & professional show for Charlotte’s ‘Music Scene’.


FUNDING USE: Materials such as painting supports (Canvas, wood-board, ect.) mediums & media (acrylics, inks, ect.) & advertising such as business cards & more.


CHARLOTTE IMPACT: The entertainment industry in Charlotte is booming right now. I am part of this scene because I am part of the entertainment! I provide the visual entertainment while the musicians provide the auditory. This matters because the more professional the person & their materials, the better equipped they are to give the best show they can.


TIME FRAME: My Live Painting sessions are always being scheduled and I am in constant flux when it comes to updating people about them via Facebook, Etsy & just being in the field. I would use the grant for the month of September or October and I would keep a detailed progression of the funds used, where I am performing & what bands I will be paired with as well as the venue. I could easily keep in contact via email & Facebook about the progression of the project.


ABOUT YOU: I am an artist who has spent the better part of my education focusing primarily on painting and illustration, as well as aspects of design and digital media to create pieces that integrate the multi-faceted imagery that is the work of my own mind’s eye. I utilize the surreal, organic, animated & visual spectrum to create works that truly engage the viewer to look further into the piece. I am fun-loving & am very easy to get along with. I have a very eclectic taste in all things including art, music & film.

Proposal 5 – Cathay Dawkins

Emerging the Young at Art


PROJECT_SUMMARY: “Emerging the Young at Art”- Youth Arts Festival will ignite the innate creativity of Charlotte area’s youth. The festival will consist of; an Art Competition, an Art Fair, and Live Performances, by local youth. Prior to the festival, students from local schools(including home & private school youth) may enter the themed art competition by submitting 2 original art pieces (1 for each of the two themes). To ensure All students an opportunity to enter, there will be a low Entry Fee of $5 per art piece. Finalists of the competition will be announced towards the end of Spring Semester, and the winners will be announced during the festival. Every student that enters the competition will be invited to vend for free, during the art fair segment of the festival. The art fair will provide every contestant an opportunity to showcase their work, with the option to sell. The Youth Arts Festival will feature an array of Charlotte’s artistic talents with performances by local; Dance Groups, Orchestras, Bands, and Choirs.


FUNDING_USE: Event Budget-$3250 estimate

(prospective sponsorships & local vendors will help offset overhead expenses)


Sound: Speakers, Mixer, CD player, microphones- $1,000

Vendor Table/Chair Rental: $350

Facility cost(Venue/Park): $500

Advertising: Local Radio, Newspapers, Flyers $400


Student’s Entry Fee will go towards T-Shirts, gift bags, and other paraphenelia that wil be provided to all contestants during Youth Arts Festival.

Youth T’Shirts(etc):$500


QC Soup (presented as Benefactors/Sponsors of Cash Prizes)

Age Categories (Each Category will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners).

6-8 Cash Prize 1st Place $30, 2nd $25, 3rd $20

9-11 Cash Prize 1st Place $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20

12-15 Cash Prize 1st Place $75, 2nd $50, 3rd $25

16-18 Cash Prize 1st Place $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25


Total Cash Prizes: $500



The Youth Arts Festival will provide a solid platform for Charlotte’s emerging generation of artists. The Art competition will also involve the community at large. Contestant’s art pieces will be displayed on Facebook /website and the community will be encouraged to vote on their favorite pieces. Invitations will go out to local choirs, dance teams, drill teams, orchestras, and bands requesting they perform during festival. Various schools, organizations, and businesses within Charlotte and surrounding areas may sponsor, partner, and/or vend (small fee) during the event. With the ethos of creative art, vendors, live performances, and community organizations/businesses the event is guaranteed to leave the attendees with a higher sense of respect for Charlotte’s hidden treasures, the Young at Art!



TIME_FRAME: March 15th, 2013- Promotion begins-Visit local schools (CMS, Charter, & Private)and inform students of contest rules and vending opportunity during Youth Arts Festival.

April 1st, 2013-Students submit art work online (NO Entry Fee)

May 15th, 2013- Deadline to submit art work.

May 30, 2013- Contest Finalists announced

June 29th, 2013 (tentatively scheduled) – “Emerging the Young at Art”-Youth Arts Festival. Winners of Art Competition announced and awarded scholarship.


Fidelity and Success

To ensure fidelity of Project Art Aid-QC Soup in accordance to grant received, a progress and final report will be sent via email on May 16th, 2013 and June 30th 2013 During the event community participants, vendors, and youth will be encouraged to complete an evaluation in reference to the quality and impact of the festival. Random on-site video interviews will also be conduted of participant’s experiences (with signed consent). The videos will broadcast via YouTube on the Beyond the Arts, Inc. community Facebook page and website.




ABOUT_YOU: Cathay Dawkins was raised in Enoree, South Carolina a small town near Spartanburg. During his early teenage years, he joined Spartanburg County Soil and Water Conservation Youth Board and with its ethos became heavily involved in community service, landscaping, and art. Cathay credits the youth board for keeping him off the street and encouraging him to clean up the streets instead. Upon graduating from Woodruff High School, Cathay received 7 scholarships to Clemson University and studied Landscape Architecture. During college he dedicated his free time to mentoring and tutoring at-risk elementary students and soon discovered his passion for empowering the youth.

In May 2011 Cathay Dawkins founded Beyond The Arts, Inc. The nonprofit hit the ground running by traveling around Mecklenburg County hosting school supply drives and free art workshops. Soon local schools, churches, and community centers were interested in adopting Beyond The Arts’ premiere art program. Currently well over 300 students are registered in their “Making Arts Work” program. In addition, Beyond The Arts has gained partnerships with several organizations including; Hands on Charlotte, Elon Homes & Schools for Children, Business Leaders of Charlotte, and the Charlotte Black Chamber of Commerce.

To help sustain Beyond The Art’s low cost & free art enrichment programs,Beyond The Arts hosts a quarterly “Art, Wine, & Cheese” fundraiser. The fundraiser consists of an art workshop(instructed by Cathay Dawkins),a local live band, tasty wines, hor duevres(presented by a local chef),and a silent auction. The “Art, Wine, & Cheese” attributes to 75% of Beyond The Arts funding. The event is receiving rave reviews and the most recent event is being considered one of the largest art classes in Charlotte, with an incredible 140 guests in attendance!